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Emergency Preparations

Upcoming Hurricane Season

(or any inclement weather conditions or disruption in service)

Glendale Utility encourages our customers to stock up on water for drinking purposes, pets and other uses. Glendale Utility has a Emergency plan in place for Emergencies and encourage all households to do the same. Always stock up with a surplus of several days to a week in the case of loss of power. Thanks for understanding and be safe. Emergencies include any loss of water or power, Hurricanes and Tornadoes or any other disasters. 


Glendale Utility District also encourages all business's in Glendale Utility District to  have an emergency back up plan in the event of loss of water.  Please keep an abundance of water for the demand of your business in the event of inclement weather or loss of water due to a break in a line or a repair in a line.