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Debit/Credit has to be done 48 hours in advance of Due Date

Debit/Credit has to be done 48 hrs in advance of due date/ No DebitCredit cards taken on cut-off day 


To our customers ,you can now pay on-line with Debit and Credit, please remember as stated on our Bill payment section on our page, you must pay within 48 hours of the 15th of the month to avoid late charges and 48 hours in advance before your cut-off day has been announced in order to avoid disruption of service.  Please remember to include your account number along with your name for proper posting.  We do have some payments in the office, we cannot post until that is clarified.  So if you did not include your account number please call our office to get that resolved.  Thank you. No on-line payments will be accepted the night before or morning of cut-off, these payments will not show in our bank for 48 hours.  Cash payments only if your water has been shut-off.  Thank you Adm.